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The 8th generation high efficiency centrifugal biomass pellet mill

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The 8th generation XGJ560 model biomass pellet machine -advantage:
1.Feeding vertically, the raw materials can follow to the pelleting room directly;
2.vertical ring die structure, easy for heating dissipation, which can keep the machine running continually.
3.Ring die fixed, main axis vertically, main shaft and roller rotating , the roller only can rotating inside of the ring die, so no deflection, no shaking, machine running more stably.
4.Vertical ring die fixed, roller rotating, with centrifugal force, making the materials evenly distributed around inside the die, also the centrifugal force will help improve the capacity.
5.Double-layer stainless steel ring die, up and down side. One ring die can be using 2 times by turn it over. reduce operating costs;
6.Sixth-generation centrifugal vertical ring die pellet machine main shaft don’t need butter oil lubrication;
7.Sixth-generation centrifugal vertical ring die pellet machine rollers don't need grease oil lubrication
Model Main Power (kw) capacity (T/H)
LM560 110 1.0-2.0
LM700 132 2.0-2.5
LM850 160-220 3.0-5.0
Application raw materials:
1.All kinds of biomass raw materials:like wood,wood sawdust,wood waste.wood lefeovers which from furniture factory;
2.corn straws,all kinds of stalks and rice husk;
3.coal powders.waste of newspapers,paper carton and plastics


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