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Disc Wood crusher

1)Diss wood chipper
2)Horizontal feed with feeder conveyor

Main material of wood chipper machinery:

Raw material for PX Series wood chipper cutting is mainly small trail wood, lumbering remainds (such as branches, twigs, tress etc) and woodworking remainds (such as slab, plank, log core, waste veneer etc). It also can be used to chip non-lignin raw material (such as flax pole, bulrush, bamboo etc).

Features of wood chipper machinery:

1.the PX Series wood chipper is one of the wood processing machines, the main function is to make wood chips.

2.the machine can cut the log, undersized log into uniform length,  incision formation , uniformity of thickness small wood chips.

3. It is widely used in textile, paper mill, particieboard, fiber board factory, and wood chip production process

4.This kind of wood chipper with feeder conveyor,horizontal feed way.easy to operate

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