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Organic fertilizer ball shaper

Fertilizer ball granulator

Organic fertilizer ball shaper 

1. Organic fertilizer ball shaper adopts press pelletizer,plishing and shaping new technology which completely changes processes such as large investment,complex technology can change pellet size by changing die diameter, change the die for different pellets sizes.

2. Pellets are uniform,smooth,round,high-strength and good flow ability, pellet forming rate is above 95%. 

3. Organic fertilizer ball shaper combined three in one make the low temperature drying, cooling, screening finished together. The whole process is of low investment and low operation cost.Microorganisms survival rate>90%.

4. Organic fertilizer ball shaper is widely used in animal breeding, brewing, sugar producing,paper making, medicine, cigarette factory etc organic waste pelletizing.It can produce round pure organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer,bio-organic fertilizer.It is the most ideal equipment for (Biological) organic fertilizer factory.


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