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Mobile wood chipper

Diesel mobile wood chipper

1.Disc wood chipper is mainly used to clash raw wood log into 2-3cm small wood chips the thickness of last chip is 1.5-3mm,length and windth is 10-30mm.It also can crash long bamboor and sugercane into can crash chips ,

2.the difference between drun and disc woodlogs chipper, the outlet chips dismension id smaller than more even.

3.Disc wood chipper has feetling door on top on the side changeable apeeding feeding logs, for outlet dischanging chips type there are two ways ,one is outlet frow the other top door, the other way is to pullet from the bottom

4.Disc chipper can be drived by both diesd engine and electic motor, very easy to operate and repair

Small disc wood chipper can be electric motor driven or diesel engine

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