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Large Chipper/wood chips maker

Large wood chipper
wood chop machine

Large wood chipper is mainly used to crush big wood logs or wood timber,plywood,wood branches, furniture waste into small chips, 

the thickness of last chips is 1.5mm-3mm,length and width is about 20-50mm,it is wood chips not wood adjusting knives gap,outlet chips dimension will be adjusted.

Jinan biomass Machinery compnay wood chipper machine contains 6m long feeding belt conveyor,when conveying logs,the speed can be adjusted.also it can connect with outlet conveyor to transport away crushed wood chips.the wood chipper can work on the ground-- outlet conveyor at the chipper bottom,then will no need to make foundation. Also can install outlet conveyor at the behind of wood chipper,then just need to do foundation under the ground . 

wood chipper machine blades can be renewer by knives grinder,which can grind knives newer after certain time,no need to change knives often.The full unite contains 6m length feeding conveyor,outlet conveyor,knives sharpen machine,electrical control cabinet e.c .t

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