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Wood chipper complete set loading with which full container

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Update time : 2016-01-13 23:03:10

About the wood chipper complete set line,when loading,we need take apart parts,main power,conveyor,then put into container one by one.

Here we list wood chipper loading size,

3 sets BX216 wood chipper need one 40GP container;

2 sets BX218 wood chiper need one 40GP contianer;

2sets BX218 wood chipper and one set BX216 wood chipper need one 40GP container.

If you just buy one set,

One set BX216 wood chipper with one 20GP container;

One set BX218 wood chipper with one 20GPcontainer;

One set BX2113 wood chipper with one 40GP container;

Before 2012,we produce wood chipper without base,as below photos,

From 2012,we produce wood chipper with base as below,