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Industry Wood chipper/Large Drum Wood chipper

Wood log chipping machine
CE certificate

1.Drum Chipper widely used in paper,particleboard,MDF and other industrial production preparation section and a single production base of wood chips,cutting the main raw materials is the log.

2.large wood chipper has pulley drive and direct drive the two together;the level of feed points and tilt two ways out of the material is also expected to and under the material in two ways.

3.BX series chipper chipper with reasonable layout,and easy of installation,operation and maintenance convenience,high capacity;cutting logs,the wood chips of high quality, and wood chips can be provided for the length of the scope of freedom of adjustment.

4.wood chipper machine contains 6m long feeding belt conveyor,when conveying logs,the speed can be adjusted.also it can connect with outlet conveyor to transport away crushed wood chips.the wood chipper can work on the ground-- outlet conveyor at the chipper bottom,then will no need to make foundation. Also can install outlet conveyor at the behind of wood chipper,then just need to do foundation under the ground 

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