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Animal Feed Mixer

Double shaft blender
Animal feed mixing machine

SSHJ Series Dual-shaft Oar Efficient Mixer is widely used in mixing the powder,granule,slice,piece, 

miscellaneous form and ropy material in many industries,such as feed, foodstuffs, food,chemical 

engineering, medicine and agricultural chemical etc, and it also can dry and cool various materials.

(1) The mixing period is short, and the mixing degree of homogeneity is high.The general material’s 

 degree of homogeneity CV≤5% between 45 second and 60 second. The mixing time is reduced and the output is improved.

(2) The variable range of loading is big, the coefficient of filling’s variable range is from 0.1 to 0.8,so that it can be applicable to the mixture of different materials with different specific gravity and different granularity in many professions.

(3) The mixture doesn't lead to deviate .This machine continues to mix material cannot arise

classification after one minute’s mixture good. Moreover,it cannot create deviate as a result of different specific gravity and different granularity

(4) The discharging is fast,and leftover is small,The base adopts double- pen long door structure,so discharge fast.

(5) Liquid charging quantity is big, The material can be mixed evenly when added 30% liquid. In other words, viscous materials can also be mixed.

(6) The mixing soft make it be used for drying and cooling. Because of it mixing soft, not damage the 

 material’s essence, it can be added hot air or cold wind system to be used for drier or cooler.

(7) The chain of sprocket wheel adopts three-line chains’ structure, and the rotor circumvention in opposite direction is driven by the cycloidal speedreducer. The transmission organization special, run steady, transport torque big and wear is low.

(8) Unique chain tensioning is adopted, Assembly or dis assembly fast and convenient.

(9) The groove adopts special “W” structure, Open small, the center big, the lower part narrow makes shape beautiful, floor space small, residue reduced.

(10) The discharge door is adopted the fully-fledged technique of our company, so the seal safety is improved.

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